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We offer the most advanced cooking solution available on the market today.


Saladmaster uses a 316 titanium stainless steel interior which is the cleanest and purest surface available and a 436 stainless steel exterior which provides the ultimate for induction and all other heat producing technologies.
Why SaladMaster...
...Maximizes Nutrition and Flavor !
...Protects Health
...Helps Fight Obesity
...Save Time, Energy, and Money
...Easy & Convenient
The difference...
316ti Titanium Stainless Steel
Lifetime Guarantee
Voted "The Best"
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Only AUTHORIZED Dealers can ensure original products, service and warranty. Unauthorized advertisements and offers of Saladmaster products may NOT be genuine Saladmaster Products and may actually be damaged, misrepresented, used or stolen items. Saladmaster offers a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty on all our products ONLY when purchased from an authorized Saladmaster Dealer or Consultant.

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